I started Big Orange Solutions during the unprecedented time of Covid-19. I was scared that I will get no response. I was wrong, there are some people who always believe in giving a chance. In 3 months I got fully booked!

There are many huge companies which started in difficult times:

1. GM motors – found in 1908 during an economic recession. Today’s worth $32 billion. 164,000 full time employees.

2. HP – recession of 1937 to 1938. Today’s worth $22 billion. In 2019, HP employees were 56,000.

3. Burger King – started amidst the lost Korean war recession in 1950s. According to it’s website 11 million people visit their restaurants each year!

4. Microsoft – found during the oil embargo recession of 1973 to 1975. Currently valued at about $1.3 trillion and employs 148,465 people.

5. Uber – the great recessions in 2007 to 2008 saw the creation of several start-ups like Uber. In June 2018, the company reported their app has been used for 10 billion trips.

6. Venmo – started in 2008 when the great recession was just ending. Today it has 40 million users. It’s parent company, PayPal is worth $133 billion.

We understand that you are uncertain and we know that it takes that “one push” to start. Trust me, if these businesses can do it then you can do it too!

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