Website Design & Development

Whoever said that first impression decide whether you make a customer out of someone or not was right. We are a web designing agency that will ensure that your website is user-friendly and welcoming to create the best possible first impression on your potential clients.

Website Audit:

Whether you’re unsatisfied with your website’s current performance or you want to strive to improve the user experience of your website, conducting a website audit is a very important step. We will evaluate your website’s performance and its SEO optimization levels. After assessing everything, our website audit agency will provide you with an in-depth report containing all the issues you can fix to do better, and all the possible ways you can enhance your website’s visibility.

Landing Pages:

Landing pages are great tools to increase sales, and Big Orange Solutions is committed to its landing page design services to help young entrepreneurs make the most out of their resources. Our team of specialized landing page designers create strategically planned landing pages that would display your brand’s message in a simple, concise manner appropriate to your brand. Our experts are especially trained to use designing tactics to establish your brand’s credibility via these pages and land you a customer base you may not believe yourself!


We pride ourselves on our ability to capture the audience’s attention with our impeccable copywriting skills. We want to leave no doubt in your audience’s minds that you’re their best bet, and we use numerous marketing measures to arouse interest within them. Our team of website content writers focuses on thorough research and innovative writing skills to satisfy all your marketing needs for a good time, and a long one. Not just that, but also from flyers writing to brochures writing, we’ve got it all!

Website Design & Development:

This is the most diverse, rich, and most fun part of your designing and marketing goals. From planning to execution to refinement of our designing, BOS is dedicated in understanding exactly what you wish to achieve and helping you achieve it. We pay special attention to detail like fonts, formatting, color palette, and other delicate parts of website designing that make all the difference in the world to provide you with a product personalized to your brand’s goals and aesthetic.

Website Maintenance:

A well-maintained website sets itself apart from all the other sites. It is fundamental that outdated information and errors that may arise are constantly updated. Our website maintenance services offer regular site maintenance services which ensures that your website utilizes its maximum potential – a better user experience with higher traffic are just cherries on top! Our hi-tech methodologies will be made available to you at affordable price ranges and guidance regarding all the steps along the way to help you learn more about the process. This is especially important to understand when conducting website maintenance for small businesses!